YEAR - 2017
STATUS – Proposed
TYPE – Residential, Landscape
PLOT AREA – 7060 sq.ft
BUILTUP AREA – 1915 sq.ft
DESIGN TEAM – Krunal Patel, Shreya Bhavsar
LOCATION – Takarma, Surat
PROGRAMME – House for weekend getaway

The aim of this project was to develop serene spaces for a developer which can be used as a getaway villa until sold. The building is situated on the south side of the plot which gives the benefit to use northern areas even during the daytime by providing shaded spaces. The building sits on the ground in a way that it gives the effect of merging with the surrounding land. The design of the structure has been kept minimal. The spaces have been kept open by cutting down on doors and using transparent materials along with bare minimum construction, all aiding to ample of free flowing space. The staircase, washrooms, and other areas of common utility have been strategically kept on the southern side of the house to avoid direct sunlight in the main areas. The modern and minimal construction is the key feature of this mansion, sating the core purpose of creating a relaxing getaway.

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