YEAR - 2017
STATUS – Ongoing
TYPE – Landscape
SITE AREA – 973 sq.ft
DESIGN TEAM – Shreya Bhavsar
LOCATION – Adajan, Surat
PROGRAMME – Garden design

Due to the restricted margin area of the residence, an L shaped site had to be developed as a garden which should be accessible from the living room as well as the parking. The design of the seating area has been developed in such a way that an individual can enjoy the serene view of the lawn without being seen from the neighbourhood. Pergola structure is used to provide a sense of volume for the seating area and to keep it connected with nature. WPC material is used to achieve maximum durability for outdoor pergola structure with next to no maintenance. A stepping stone passage acts as a connector to the front and the backside of the garden while providing a series of different kinds of elements alongside. The positioning of trees is done based on the movement of the sun and the shade requirements for different kinds of trees.

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